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Promote Your Songs/Videos Free

For most artists after they creating their song most demanding concern will be approaches to promote their art and provide necessary funding for it. Paying for promotion sites or companies to publish and feature the song or clip , investment in social media and digital ads , hiring entertainment attorney to create or review legal agreements and deal with issues related to recording merchandising touring and publishing contracts limiting potential liabilities and dealing with tax issues and paying for pressing and packaging in case of physical pressing are different costs for an artist. Trying to get a bank credit can be one way of covering such costs and provide initial funding for developing the career. but since music business is classified as a high risk for most banks due to its unpredictable nature the process of getting loan for this business will not be easy going and require to write up a complete business plan that can prove lenders you have a good chance of success and yet it can end up being rejected by bank or high interest rates.
Gavazn platform provide an outstanding opportunity for artists to promote and even feature their songs or clips at 1st page of one of oldest music sites with about a million monthly visits without requiring paying for hosting and storage of the audio and its promotion and other costs. it is 100% free platform to publish audios for either old and new artists but fans may donate to our platform to strengthen the service.
Our cloud and virtual private servers host data with quick solid state drive and cloud storage and computing technology that provides rapid access to flexible IT resources and copy data in multiples servers that act as automatic backup and is being used by many other businesses from online car sellers to medical treatment services doctors dentists insurance companies and mortgage advisory firms who use our service to host their site or application.

How to add Song

  1. click on add new song at the bottom
  2. choose the mp3 file from your computer or mobile.
  3. write the name of it.
  4. For a new singer choose 'Other' at the bottom or choose the singer from list for existing singer
  5. copy and paste song image link
  6. write music credits (optional)
  7. press send button and wait till file is uploaded and confirmation appear.

if the song is not published due to technical reasons contact us so that our technical team solve the issue.