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Persian traditional music (also known as Iranian traditional music or Persian/Iranian classical music) is the traditional and indigenous music of Iran: musiqi, the science and art of music, and moosiqi, the sound and performance of music (Sakata 1983).

Archeological evidence reveals musical instruments that were used in Iran during the Elamite era around 800BCE. Not much is known about Persian music in the ancient world, especially about the music of the Achaemenid Empire. Alexander the Great is said to have witnessed many melodies and instruments upon his invasion, and music played an important role in religious affairs. Music played an important role in the courts of Sassanid kings in the much later Sassanid Empire. Of this period, we know the names of various court musicians like Barbad and the types of various instruments that were used like harps, lutes, flutes, bagpipes and others. Under Sassanid rule, modal music was developed by a highly significant court musician, Barbad, called the khosravani. While today's classical music tradition in Iran bears the same names of some of the modes of that era it is impossible to know if they sound the same because there is no evidence of musical notation from the Sassanid period. Today's traditional Persian music began to develop after the advent of Islam in Iran, in the Medieval era and the creation of today's formal, classical music tradition is directly linked to the music systems of the Safavid Dynasty. Under the later Qajar Dynasty, the classical system was restructured into its present form.

Persian Traditional Music Albums

Pa'eez Cover
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Tazeh Beh Tazeh
Aman Az Jodaee Cover
Aman Az Jodaee
Rosvayeh Del Cover
Rosvayeh Del
Mo'ammayeh Hasti Cover
Mo'ammayeh Hasti
Nava Cover
Jameh Tohee (Por Kon Pialeh Ra) Cover
Jameh Tohee (Por Kon Pialeh Ra)
a'eeneh o ah Cover
a'eeneh o ah
Booyeh Jooyeh Moolian Cover
Booyeh Jooyeh Moolian
Flute Cover
Nagh'sheh Khial Cover
Nagh'sheh Khial
Deleh Majnoon Cover
Deleh Majnoon

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